Maria Filali & Diego Riemer

Maria is a classically trained dancer who chose to make tango the focus of her career twenty years ago. During this time, she regularly performed at international tango events and festivals, where she proved herself to be a skilled artist and teacher.
On stage, she took part in productions that blended tango and other forms of performing art alongside a wide variety of partners, including Jorge Rodriguez, who collaborated with her for fifteen years.
From 2014 to 2018, she toured the world with another tango partner, Gianpiero Galdi.

Diego “El Pájaro” Riemer , multifaceted artist in dance, music, design and advertising, takes up tango in Buenos Aires, his hometown, where he is formed with the maestro Tito Molinari and learns from the “old” dancers and milongueros. He thereafter perfects his technique with several professional dancers.

Owner of a unique and original musical expression in his dancing and improviser par excellence, he is internationally recognized and sought for his sense of humor in tango, the exploration of the traspié and rhythm, the caminata and the giros with adornments (enrosques and lapices), in addition to his special and thorough technique and pedagogy for the transmission of tango and its culture.

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