Jorge Rodriguez & Cecile Brus

Born in Argentina, Jorge Rodriguez began dancing at the age of 10. He obtains the higher diploma of dance teacher and integrates the ballet « Pampa y huella » (Rio Tercero, Cordoba). Since the beginning of the 90s, Jorge Rodriguez’s career as a dancer has been accelerating. Passionate about the scene, he surrounds himself with many artists and dance partners with whom he will create: « Flor de Tango », accompanied by singer Sandra Rumolino and dancer Silvia Bidegain « Fatal Tango », with partner Theresa Cunha, with the singer Sandra Rumolino « Tandem-Tango », with partner dancer Bibiana Guilhamet. They will perform from 1999 to 2002, and notably at the famous Tarbes International Tango Festival. At the end of the nineties, Jorge Rodriguez enriched his performances by skilfully mixing theater and tango. In 2003, Jorge Rodriguez also plays « El Duende » in the opera-tango « Maria de Buenos Aires » directed by Alfredo Arias and in 2010 in the show TroisTangos.

Cécile began her tango training at the age of 14 with Andres and Julia Ciafardini. In 2004, she continues to train in Paris with Luis Bruni and Pascale Coquigny. In parallel with her training,

Cécile began her professional career as a dancer and teacher. She teaches individually in group and private lessons, as well as at the Canning milonga with Javier Maldonado. Co-founder and professor of the group « Seminarios BRM » with Flavio Romanelli and Marcos Martignano, from the duet « Il Faut Tango Duo », which offers courses in musical language applied to dance. She dances in various places known as Caminito (La Boca), Florida and Lavalle, San Telmo, at the Bauen Theater, as well as in various « Dinner-Show » as « La Gayola », « Todo Mundo », « Parrilla Dorrego »,  » Bar On « , etc., and gives internships and demonstrations in Buenos Aires, Amsterdam and now in France. Currently, she teaches in different schools in the Bordeaux region and works with Jorge Rodriguez.

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