Adrian and Amanda Costa

Adrian and Amanda have become one of the most influential and admired performers and teachers of the Authentic Salon Tango, in the Villa Urquiza style.

Adrian and Amanda successfully combine the true heritage and fundamentals of social tango with their more modern vision. Mutual respect for everyone sharing the dance floor, integrating emotion and interpretation of the music, and a natural elegance rooted in posture and beautiful walking are hallmarks of their vision.

In their very personal approach to tango they emphasize the embrace and elegance. They are of the opinion that the poetry of tango stems from suspension. Excellent teachers and philosophers of tango, each class with them is a veritable feast for the body and soul.

They are invited as maestros all over the world: France, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, United States, Costa Rica, China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

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